Want to keep up with all the cool things going on in the sky? Check out all these upcoming events. We’ll be working to plan events tied to each of these chances to go out and look up!

Key Dates

  • Equinox: September 23 and March 20
  • Southern Solstice: December 22

Top Sky Events in 2015-2016 School Year


  • Lunar eclipses
    September 27/28: Visible from the eastern half of North America [visibility map]
  • Solar eclipse
    March 9: Visible from South Pacific [visibility map]

Meteor Showers

  • Taurid Meteor Shower ‘Fireballs’
    November 4 (peak): This year’s Taurids are predicted to be more than a little above average. As the Earth’s atmosphere collides with larger than average particles, David Asher predicts there will be many visible fireballs. [maps and more]
  • Geminid meteor shower
    December 13-14: Always one of the better meteor showers, this year’s event coincides with a narrow crescent moon, which makes for ideal observing. [maps and more]


  • Occultations of Aldebaran (learn more on Universe Today)
    September 4/5: Visible in Europe and eastern North America [visibility map]
    October 29/30: Visible from Asia and Europe [visibility map]
    November 26: Visible from northern North America [visibility map]
    December 23/24: Visible from Europe an northern Asia [visibility map]
  • Occultation of Venus
    December 7: Visible from North America and the Caribbean [visibility map]


  • Mercury transits the Sun
    May 9: Visible from South America, the eastern North America, as well as western Europe and Africa [map pending]