When is the last time you looked at the stars?

I mean really looked—not just glancing up on the way to your car, or while you wander towards the next stop on your list of errands. When is the last time you stopped and stared into the black, just to look for those tiny pinpricks of light, so many millions of miles away?

Has it been a while?

The sad part is, even if you’ve tried lately to see the stars, you might not have had much luck. Planet Earth is the closest thing you’ll ever see to a cosmic disco ball, turning through the universe with endless dots of light clinging to the surface. From space, it’s a beautiful sight—but it’s nigh on impossible to see the true beauty of the night sky from the surface due to the smog of light pollution we create.

The international Dark Skies Rangers in Alqueva project is an organizations that aims to change that. It intends to create awareness about the problems we face globally from light pollution, and then work on coming up with smart solutions to the problem—solutions that help economic viability and environmental sustainability work in tandem.

This is where you come in. The Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, a night sky tourism destination certified by NUCLIO (The Galileo Teacher Training Program) and the Starlight Initiative, has organized the Dark Skies Rangers Contest—a competition for students and teachers to help find a solution to the light pollution issue we face globally.

We need your help to ensure that the night sky is a resource we’re always able to use; for everything from astronomy research to backyard stargazing. If you’re interested in helping to tackle these issues head-on, and finding a solution for the future, we need you. Bright minds like yours could dim the effects of light pollution—not only for you, but the rest of the world, as well.

For more information on contest requirements and how to apply, head over to the Dark Skies Rangers contest website listed below.




Image Credit for EarthLights goes to Dark Skies Rangers