We live in an ever expanding world of knowledge, innovation, discovery, and wonder. There are endless spaces to try new ideas and explore new frontiers—and the newest of these is the Galileo Students platform.

Galileo Students is meant for education of students around the globe. It is a safe space where young people from all different cultures, languages, and ideals can gather and experience the brilliance of what lies beyond our home on the skin of this little blue ball. With features like discussion forums, guest speakers, star party broadcasts, blog posts, and a wealth of astronomy knowledge, there’s no end to the good that can be done when students begin to work and learn together.

That said, there are also features to this space put in position to protect our users. Users will be vouched for by a educator, amateur astronomer, or parent, and verified by a team of moderators to ensure the safety of all our audience, and discussion forums will be moderated as posts are made to ensure only appropriate content is posted for viewers.

Galileo Students is meant as a new,  innovative learning environment where students can gather and discuss every inch of the knowledge available to us—and it’s here.

Welcome to the Solar System…welcome to the Milky Way…welcome to the Universe.

But most of all, welcome to Galileo Students.

We’re glad you’re here.


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