Looking up in the new School Year

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Want to keep up with all the cool things going on in the sky? Check out all these upcoming events. We’ll be working to plan events tied to each of these chances to go out and look up! Key Dates Equinox: September 23 and March 20 Southern Solstice: December 22 Top Sky Events in 2015-2016 School Year Eclipses Lunar eclipses September 27/28: Visible from the eastern half of North America [visibility map] Solar eclipse March 9: Visible from...

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2014 Humans in Space Art Video Challenge

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The Humans in Space Art Program and NASA’s International Space Station Program have teamed up to launch the international Humans in Space Art Challenge. How will humans use space science and technology to benefit humanity? College students and early career professionals are invited to ponder this question and to express an answer creatively in a video less than three minutes long. Video artwork can be of any style, featuring original...

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Earth and Sky Photo Contest Winners Announced

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Giorgia Hofer of Northern Italy and Luc Perrot from Réunion Island of France have been announced as the first place winners of the 5th International Earth and Sky photo contest, on the subject of “Dark Skies Importance.” Hofer and Luc were awarded first place in their respective categories of “Against the Lights” and “Beauty of the Night Sky.”  Hofer tried to capture the mist from firework drones illuminated by a nearby light tower in her...

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Tomorrow’s Forecast: 98% Chance of Light Pollution

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When is the last time you looked at the stars? I mean really looked—not just glancing up on the way to your car, or while you wander towards the next stop on your list of errands. When is the last time you stopped and stared into the black, just to look for those tiny pinpricks of light, so many millions of miles away? Has it been a while? The sad part is, even if you’ve tried lately to see the stars, you might not have had much luck. Planet...

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Through a Lens—or Three?

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Galileo Students’ namesake used a telescope with three lenses to take a closer look at the moon—we think it’s time to take a closer look at the Galileo Students themselves. There are quite a few questions to be asked, and while we have some of the answers, this place at its heart is a collaboration between ourselves and you. We’ll be learning many of our answers along the way, but for now, here’s what we have to tell...

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